Neck Pain

 What a pain in the neck.


neckpainThe most common causes of neck pain are sleeping on your stomach, poor posture and neck trauma from whiplash injuries.  The average head is like a bowling ball and weighs between 10 and 15 pounds.  When it deviates from its vertical axis through stress, poor posture or trauma, it causes unequal weight bearing and compression on delicate nerves, muscles and vertebrae.  The first step in alleviating neck pain is determining the exact cause and source of your pain.  From there, very gentle and specific chiropractic adjusments can be made to address the pain.  Postural re-education, accomplished through spinal adjustments and home exercises, will help to further reduce pain and strengthen the neck, resulting in a diminished vulnerability to injury and future pain.  If you are experiencing neck pain, call us today at 850-650-6789 for a complimentary consultation.