Patient Reviews

Amanda Y.

I enjoy working with Dr. Douglas. He takes the time to listen and help you to transform your health! Thank you so much!


Dr Douglass has taken very good care of me for several years with good success. I have dealt with bursitis, cervical and low back pain. What I appreciate so much about his treatment is that he has a soft, gentle touch and he addresses each person individually; not 'cookie cutter' rougher treatment for all. I am very grateful for his care.

Confident Patient

Consistent professional care for over twenty years.

Strongly recommend calling the office and making an appointment.


I could tell when I first met Dr. Tim that he was different, he’s a chiropractor that cares about my health. This was very refreshing to me because some of the chiropractors I saw before cared much more about the billing schedules than my treatment and left me in bad shape physically. This has never been the case at Douglass Chiropractic. Dr. Tim has helped me tremendously. When I first sought his treatment I was in extreme daily pain, it was almost unbearable. Now I feel great! My condition does not prevent me from participating in any activities I want to, which is impressive considering I have scoliosis. Douglass Chiropractic will be my first choice next time I need treatment since Dr. Tim takes the time to achieve healing. I am without a doubt in better health because of the treatment I received. I love my newfound wellness and use it to make the most of every day I have in front of me.


After my motorcycle accident, just walking was a major effort. The severity of the spinal injuries that I experienced was beyond my understanding at the time. Dr. Douglass took the time to fully explain my condition and provided great adjustments that led to my recovery. He has made a world of difference in my life.


When I first started going to Dr. Douglass my back was hurting and I needed relief from the pain. I made an appointment, and was soon going on a regular schedule for arthritis. I am feeling like a new person, and thanking God for Dr. Douglass, and for the help I’ve received from him.


Dr. Douglass is incredibly knowledgeable, effective and professional. I have found him to be most sympathetic and caring and he has helped me with my back pain, sinuses, knee injury and arm pain problems. I highly recommend Dr. Douglass and he is a supportive, kind individual and amazing chiropractor who gets results!


Dr. Douglass truly has magic in his healing hands. I suffered from a spinal injury that eventually led to arthritis and caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. Since beginning to see Dr. Douglass rather than relying on pain medication, I am now pain free. Amazingly enough, I have also regained ½” in height. I highly recommend Dr. Douglass for anyone who wants to address the underlying cause of his or her pain.


My lower back and left hip area had been giving me problems for a long time. I can honestly say that without Dr. Douglass’ adjustments I would not be able to function in an upright position on a daily basis. Dr. Douglass is amazing and can tell where the problem is just by watching me walk in the door. My former chiropractor was never able to help me out. I highly recommend Dr. Douglass.


I always felt the need to crack and pop my neck until Dr. Douglass told me that it was not a good idea. He explained that a pinched nerve in my neck made me feel that I wanted to “pop” it. So he reset my atlas and that night I felt a lot better. I did not feel the need to crack it. I was also having issues with carpel tunnel. He adjusted my wrist and shoulder and now the pain went from a 10 down to a 3. I couldn’t even bend my wrist before without extreme pain and weakness. I couldn’t even open a door. I would recommend Dr. Douglass to any one especially those with back issues. I’ve noticed a lot of changes with my Mom and myself. This is always a joyful, happy experience. Thank you, Dr. Douglass.

Dorothy and David

We have always felt that going to a chiropractor prevents us from taking all the drugs many depend on. Dr. Douglass has been helping us with back problems and other aches and pains for years. We both believe he is one of the best that we have been to.


I was watching my Mom get adjusted and Dr. Douglass asked me about my headaches. I had headaches everyday. I would go to the school nurse everyday. I would go so much she thought I was faking. Then Dr. Tim helped by aligning my neck and now I get a lot less headaches. So when I get headaches now I tell Dr. Douglass and he gets rid of my headaches. He knew I couldn’t focus in school and had stress, but now it is better. I want to say thank you, Dr. Tim, you are a very nice gentleman. You talk to me and it keeps me calm.


I had chronic shoulder pain and had a hard time sleeping at night. Working as a waiter, busy nights and carrying heavy trays would increase the pain. I didn’t want to resort to pain relievers and sleep aids to get relief I needed. Dr. Tim worked with my spine to correct my posture, which has relieved my shoulder pain. And as for my golf game, my follow through is much better and I don’t slice as much. I am very thankful to Dr. Tim.

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